California State University Fullerton

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Comparative Religion
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Grants bachelor and master degrees
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The B.A. in Religious Studies includes 36 semester units of course work.

This includes 9 units of lower division introductory work in: 1) the Study of Religion; 2) Western Religions Traditions; and 3) Non-western Religious Traditions.

The 27 units in upper division courses are comprised of: 1) Methods of Studying Religion; 2) two courses on Western Religious Thought; 3) two courses on Non-western Religious Thought; 4) two courses in the Experience of Religion; 5) a text course; and 6) a capstone senior seminar.

There are a number of course options within each area.

The degree can be completed via fully face-to-face classes and also through a combination of face-to-face classes and online classes.