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Religion and Philosophy
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The mission of the religion program is to foster student spiritual and intellectual growth through the disciplined, critical study of religion. The four key aspects of this mission are to develop in students:
 •An understanding of the nature of religion, Christian scriptures and traditions, and world religions;
 •An ability to carry on disciplined, critical dialogue concerning varied understandings of Christianity, other religions and other disciplines, relating these to everyday experience;
 •An ability to engage in multiple modes of critical thinking, and to articulate and defend their own ideas; and
 •The capacity for critical reflection concerning good living and working, honoring both their abilities and communal needs.
The religion faculty also teach four classes related to Greek language for the purpose of reading in relationship to religious studies.
In the study of religion, faculty and students work in the areas of ethics, religious studies, world religions, theology, church history, religious practices, sacred texts, including biblical texts, and the intersection of religion and culture The discipline intends to serve well students who pursue the study of religion as part of their journey of faith and vocation, as well as students whose interest in religion is more purely academic. In continuity with its historical tradition of more than 150 years of providing education for students preparing for Lutheran ministries, the department also provides support, guidance, and education for students preparing for various vocations within their communities, including church-related work, regardless of the students’ denominational traditions.