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Religious Studies
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Grants bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees
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Religious Studies is an inquiry into the fundamental stories, myths, symbols and practices by which communities have attempted to make sense out of themselves and the worlds in which they live. The department offers courses in Asian and Western religions, both ancient and modern, and courses that explore topics in religion in modern culture that are not limited to any one religious tradition. Attention is given to a wide range of attempts to deal with basic questions about the nature of the cosmos, the nature of human beings, and the origins and destiny of human life. This wide-ranging emphasis places religious studies in dialogue with all the methods and disciplines of the liberal arts. The Department of Religious Studies makes an explicit commitment to free, non-dogmatic inquiry into religion from a pluralistic and cross-cultural perspective.
Most students major or minor in religious studies to gain a broad liberal arts education. With the flexibility of the program and its relationship to other areas of the University, students can meet the specific objectives of Religious Studies while taking a wide range of courses in other departments. Some students relate religious studies to definite vocational plans, often requiring further education in professional and graduate schools.