Grants bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees

Arizona State University

As part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, our mission is to pursue the investigation of religious ideas, values and practices from a core perspective in the Humanities that engages the social and behavioral sciences and other disciplines at Arizona State University. From this interdisciplinary approach we study religion through three distinct but interdependent frames: traditions, regional contexts and themes.

Ball State University

The beginnings of a new century have made all too clear the relevance of understanding the function of religious ideas and practices. To understand the world in our present – but also in the past and in the future – you must understand religion. To aid in the tasks of knowing and evaluating the role of human participants in religious activities, our Religious Studies program stresses the role of religion in culture: how humans have generated various religious practices, products, and remains.

Baylor University

The Department of Religion is a community of faculty members, staff, and students who work together on issues of religious identity in our world, formation for ministry, and preparation for careers in higher education. We are a diverse community and yet one committed to faith and to the church.

Boston University

The Department of Religion offers, through its lower-level courses, opportunities for broad-based study of many religious traditions including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and the religions of Africa, China, and Japan. Through its upper-level courses, the Department offers opportunities for in-depth study of specific religious traditions and literatures as well as grounding in theoretical and philosophical problems relating to the study of religion.

Georgia State University

The Department of Religious Studies, established in 2005, offers both B.A. and M.A. degrees.  The Department offers a broad range of courses, with particular focus on 1) religion and public life and 2) religion and globalization. Research and coursework in religion and public life recognize the impact that religion has on U.S.

Hamline University

Hamline's Department of Religion is made up of scholar-practitioners who seek to model the positive relation we see between the academic study of religion and the practice of it. As a church-related university, we strongly affirm the United Methodist emphasis on ecumenical openness to other faiths, and we embrace the global scope of the Hamline mission to prepare compassionate citizens of the world. We interpret our church affiliation as a charter of hospitality.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

The B.A. program in Religious Studies is designed to provide a balanced, nonsectarian, cross-cultural approach leading to a better understanding of the phenomenon of religion in human experience.

McMaster University

All known civilizations, cultures and nations have been deeply affected by religion. Religions have created institutions such as temples and schools, produced great works of literature and art, and organized rituals to mark the continuities and changes in individual and communal lives. Religions have both legitimated political structures and inspired revolutions. Whether we are concerned with international affairs or our everyday experience in multicultural cities like Hamilton, religious diversity is a key element of social interaction.

San Diego State University

The academic study of religion is central to the creation of a
community of world citizens. Our program is designed for students
who live in a pluralistic society and who wish to investigate the role
religions play in human life and society. Because religion has shaped
the human story of almost every culture, it is difficult to understand
human behavior or to interpret world events without grasping how
religion has helped to determine them. As United States Supreme
Court Justices Clark and Goldberg wrote in their decision allowing the

Southern Methodist University

The Department of Religious Studies is committed to fostering greater understanding of the roles of religion in the contemporary world and throughout history. Its approach is interdisciplinary, employing methods drawn from across the humanities and social sciences to examine the world’s religious traditions as social, cultural, and historical phenomena. Students and faculty alike benefit from a lively environment that encourages close interaction.

Towson University

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies offers a major and minor in Philosophy, and a major and minor in Religious Studies.

University of Chicago

The program in Religious Studies engages enduring questions about religion and human society. It investigates religions and how they shape and are shaped by human cultures. Studying religion invites us to consider humanity in its quest for transcendence and communion with the divine. It permits us to see what effect these desires have had on individuals and communities, for good or for ill. Since it touches all facets of human experience, the study of religion is a crucial conversation partner with many other fields of study.

University of Denver

The University of Denver's undergraduate religious studies program offers students the opportunity to study religion in ways not found at other universities. The BA provides students breadth and depth, balancing textual and theoretical study with a focus on lived traditions through site visits and experiential learning.

University of Minnesota

Religious ideas and practices shape behavior throughout the world.  Those who have a deep understanding of religion—how its features interact with and depend upon social and cultural contexts—are in a better position to grasp the salient aspects of religiously-based communication and interactions.

University of North Carolina Charlotte

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Religious Studies is an inquiry into the fundamental stories, myths, symbols and practices by which communities have attempted to make sense out of themselves and the worlds in which they live. The department offers courses in Asian and Western religions, both ancient and modern, and courses that explore topics in religion in modern culture that are not limited to any one religious tradition. Attention is given to a wide range of attempts to deal with basic questions about the nature of the cosmos, the nature of human beings, and the origins and destiny of human life.

University of San Diego

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies is a diverse community of scholars who advance the teaching and study of religion with particular attention to fostering understanding of Catholic traditions.
In support of the educational mission of the university and the furtherance of our own disciplines, we pursue excellence in scholarship. As a faculty that is multidisciplinary in both training and outlook, we bring a spirit of creativity and dialogue to bear on the exploration of religious meaning.

University of South Florida

At the University of South Florida the Department of Religious Studies primary area of academic strength is the interdisciplinary scholarly analysis and interpretation of religion, culture, and society using the theories and methodologies of the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

University of Texas, Austin

The University of Texas at Austin offers an undergraduate major in Religious Studies leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. It provides a multi-disciplinary curriculum that draws on the rich expertise of over seventy faculty from nineteen departments across the University. Religious Studies courses encompass various approaches to the study of religion: they explore ritual and textual traditions, consider the early formation of religions, and investigate the interaction of religious beliefs and practices with political, social, cultural, and economic developments.

University of the Incarnate Word

In keeping with the University's mission, the Department of Religious Studies has a twofold mission: to acquaint all students with the Roman Catholic tradition within the broader religious and global context in which they live, and to expose all students to the multidimensional and interdisciplinary methods utilized within the field of religious studies.

University of the Pacific

The Department of Religious & Classical Studies is interdisciplinary by definition and covers content that spans the globe in a broad historical manner. Our curriculum includes an array of topics, such as:

Wake Forest University

The Department of Religion at Wake Forest is a community of passionate scholars and students devoted to the exploration and analysis of religion as a central aspect of human culture and history. Even now, in the twenty-first century, religion continues to play a central role in virtually every aspect of human society around the world.