Grants bachelor and master degrees

California State University Fullerton

The B.A. in Religious Studies includes 36 semester units of course work.

This includes 9 units of lower division introductory work in: 1) the Study of Religion; 2) Western Religions Traditions; and 3) Non-western Religious Traditions.

The 27 units in upper division courses are comprised of: 1) Methods of Studying Religion; 2) two courses on Western Religious Thought; 3) two courses on Non-western Religious Thought; 4) two courses in the Experience of Religion; 5) a text course; and 6) a capstone senior seminar.

There are a number of course options within each area.

Canisius College

The Department of Religious Studies and Theology helps students cultivate an inquiring mind by exposing them to the role religion plays in the development and experience of humanity as a whole.  Students are provided with the scientific and theological tools necessary for an academic study of religion.  Students also understand and appreciate the various viewpoints and values of differing religions.

Capital University

The mission of the religion program is to foster student spiritual and intellectual growth through the disciplined, critical study of religion. The four key aspects of this mission are to develop in students:
 •An understanding of the nature of religion, Christian scriptures and traditions, and world religions;
 •An ability to carry on disciplined, critical dialogue concerning varied understandings of Christianity, other religions and other disciplines, relating these to everyday experience;

Colorado Christian University

CCU's School of Theology is committed to cultivating the minds of students who have godly character, and who demonstrate both thoughtfulness and maturity. Our desire is to come alongside you to offer encouragement, direction, and support as you become a well-founded evangelical scholar. As a student within this school, you will participate in rigorous academic programs that will help you understand a variety of viewpoints within Christianity and lead you to an intelligent commitment to the gospel.

Elon University

Elon offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies that encourages students to examine and discuss religion, and express themselves in discussions and in writing. Graduates begin their careers with an enhanced ability to gather information, think critically and communicate clearly and convincingly. No matter what professional field you choose, a degree in religious studies will teach you a great deal about yourself and other cultures — an honorable goal for an education and a valuable asset for any career.

Le Moyne College

At Le Moyne College, we believe that exploring life's religious dimensions yields valuable insights into individuals as well as entire cultures.   Beyond its often-profound personal impact, religion plays a central role in shaping societies, prompting political action, and influencing the course of history.  Examining the nature and function of religion is therefore an essential part of a liberal arts education, helping students develop a richer understanding of men, women, and the world in which they live and work.

Lenoir-Rhyne University

The major in Religion and Philosophy seeks to enrich students' appreciation of the history of reflection on the meaning of life and to enhance his/her understanding of current religious and philosophical issues. The major is especially recommended for students seeking an adequate foundation for further study in Religion and Theology. It is also appropriate for anyone interested in a general liberal arts degree with concentration in these areas.

Muskingum College

The Religion faculty takes Muskingum University's church-related status very seriously.  Muskingum's express desire, outlined in its mission statement, to educate the "whole person" and to develop students both intellectually and spiritually--with a goal of positive action and ethical sensitivity--reminds us of the Greek tradition of educating body, mind, and spirit and the medieval era when theology was the "queen of the sciences."

Nazareth College

In this program, you will join a community of scholars who engage in the academic study of religion from the perspectives of history, psychology, sociology, anthropology, biology, philosophy, and the arts. We look at how religion changes over time and is influenced by, and influences, other elements of culture. We examine the interactions of religion with politics and the media. We study the common themes of religions as well as their fascinating differences, which furthers the acceptance and understanding of different faiths.

Occidental College

The department of Religious Studies seeks to cultivate an understanding of religion as a significant, widespread, and diverse human phenomenon.

University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Some of the earliest scholars of Religious Studies conceived of religion as the “belief in superhuman beings”, or they focused on a Sacred that is “wholly other”.  The contemporary study of religion, however, is largely the study of people and of the unique ways that people make meaning in their lives.  The main goals of the Religious Studies program at UWO are to study how individuals and communities around the world do this through their use of religious language, imagery, and performance.  In studying the five major World Religions – Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism –

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

The major is 36 credit hours, designed to prepare students for graduate work in religious studies or theology.

Requirements = 3 credits of Intro level coursework, 9 credits of Monotheistic traditions, 9 of Asian/Non-Monotheistic, 3 in methodological approaches, 1 seminar/capstone, and the rest as electives.